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Christof aus Zürich schrieb am 21. Februar 2023 um 6:43:
Liebe Andrea, danke für diesen wunderbaren, unterhaltsamen Abend mit dir in der Küche und am Naschmarkt. Wiederholenswert!
Samia aus Wien schrieb am 22. Dezember 2022 um 13:44:
Vielen Dank für das tolle Team Event! Es war wirklich extrem nett. Das Menü war zauberhaft und du hast uns grandios durchgeführt! Wir hätten uns keine nettere Gastgeberin vorstellen können. Wer einen Kochkurs und gute Unterhaltung will, ist bei Andrea richtig.
Mike Musil schrieb am 8. Oktober 2022 um 16:52:
This strudel isn't anything like my grandma ever made, and I'm a convert. I love the rum-soaked raisins, lemon zest, and the juiciness of it. Andrea is friendly, appreciative, and sincere.
Omar De Loitte aus Putten schrieb am 21. Juni 2021 um 18:31:
Thanks, Omar De Loitte for viennacookingtours.at
Lisa Diggs aus San Pier Fedele schrieb am 20. Juni 2021 um 21:05:
Thanks, Lisa Diggs for viennacookingtours.at
Eloïse aus Vienna schrieb am 1. Juni 2021 um 15:40:
I had the chance to do a private cooking class with Andrea and I can only recommend it. Andrea is a very kind, lovely and interesting person and you will spend a very fabulous time in her company, during the workshop, as well as while having diner. It is good to know that she speaks several languages, including English and French. Concerning the cooking itself, Andrea's recipes are amazing: they're delicious and easy to recreate at home (she sends you the recipes by mail afterwards!). The menu is also adapted to your needs or special diet (vegetarian in my case). The 'Vienna cooking tours' is the perfect place to learn more about Austrian cuisine and meet a woman who loves what she does and passes on her passion of cooking to her guests. Eloïse
Sibylle aus Frankfurt schrieb am 5. Dezember 2019 um 22:39:
Wir hatten einen tollen, herzlichen Vormittag mit Andrea und haben sehr leckere Apfelstrudel hergestellt. Dabei nebenbei vieles über Wien gehört und tolle Tipps bekommen. Für den nächsten Aufenthalt in Wien ist Backen mit Andrea ein Muss!!!!
Alexandra aus Midwest, USA schrieb am 16. April 2018 um 23:38:
I know it's trendy now to experience "local" this and "local" that-- buy hey folks, this is the REAL DEAL! If you want to be shown around the most enchanting city in the world personally and then taken into a beautiful Viennese home to cook with an Austrian professional, then you have come for the right experience. If you want to practice your German with Andrea, well, she'll even let you do that too! This special private tour experience is a great choice, no matter your age. Enjoy!
Elisa aus Vienna schrieb am 11. März 2018 um 21:16:
We highly recommend Vienna Cooking Tours. Although we have lived in Vienna for 7 years, through Andrea we experienced Vienna and Naschmarkt in a whole different light. Through Andrea's wealth of historic knowledge, she taught us and showed us so many new things about the city as we made our way to the Naschmarkt. We tasted our way through the Naschmarkt, learning about Viennese produce all along our route, we tasted schnapps, vinegars, cheeses and truffle salamis. We made our way back to her beautiful flat, and thoroughly enjoyed cooking an amazing meal. My husband and I cooked Yellow Soup, Styrian Veal Roulade with pumpkin seeds and paprika gravy, and Apfelstrudel. We enjoyed every single moment of this experience. The difference between the Vienna Cooking Tour and other cooking classes is that Andrea makes the experience so personable and unforgettable. Vienna Cooking Tours is a gem!
Callum Heckstall-Smith aus London schrieb am 19. August 2017 um 16:13:
I can’t recommend this tour and class enough! It is a Vienna history lesson, culinary education, hands on cookery class and delicious meal all in one. The wonderful Andrea picked us up from our hotel and gave us a mini guided tour en route to the beginning of our day at Naschmarkt. Andrea steered us around the best stalls, which she has an excellent relationship with the proprietors of, giving us a literal taste of everything from traditional wild boar ham to 18-year-aged balsamic vinegar. Then we headed back to her beautiful art deco apartment to cook a three-course lunch. It was midsummer, so we opted for a lighter menu starting with smoked trout followed by veal roulade and finished with an in-season plum strudel. I am own a food business so would consider myself a good cook – nevertheless, I learnt loads about Viennese cooking and more generally. We created a delicious meal, which I will be recreating regularly back in England. It will be the highlight of your trip to Vienna. Enjoy!
Ashley schrieb am 27. Juli 2017 um 22:22:
Andrea is such a special person. We have a wonderful tour of the naschmarket where we tasted some amazing foods. We then went back to her gorgeous apartment overlooking the Danube and had a wonderful time cooking our authentic Austrian dishes. She goes above and beyond to make you feel at home. Not only did she give us a wonderful tour and class but she gave us a whole weeks worth of good places to eat and things to not miss. We would recommend this to any and everyone. We will definitely do this again if we are back in Vienna.
Angie aus July 2017 schrieb am 18. Juli 2017 um 14:57:
A definite highlight of our trip! Tasting our way through the food market was fun and delicious and provided a perfect venue for purchasing useful souvenirs and gifts to take home and share. Andrea was gracious, personable, professional, and a wealth of knowledge. The meal prepared in her home was an Austrian delight, and she is the consummate gourmet teacher!
Ute und Kalle aus Rehfelde bei Berlin schrieb am 2. Juli 2017 um 14:25:
Wir waren über Himmelfahrt in Wien aus Anlass des 60. von Kalle- ich hatte die Tour als Überraschung gebucht, aber Andrea versorgte mich schon im Vorfeld mit wichtigen Tipps und Hinweisen, die es mir leicht machten, die Tage zu planen. Wie immer war viel zu wenig Zeit. Der Tag auf dem Naschmarkt und dem Flohmarkt gemeinsam mit Andrea war sehr unterhaltsam und lecker. Viele nette Menschen, spontane Gespräche und leckere Verkostungen. Auch das gemeinsame Kochen gelang gut und so hatten wir gutes Essen, interessante Gespräche und einen entspannten Abschluss des Tages bei einem guten österreichischen Wein. Können wir nur empfehlen!
Anson aus Ridgeland, Mississippi schrieb am 16. Juni 2017 um 4:00:
What a fun way to spend the afternoon and see Vienna off the usual tourist path! We were just overwhelmed by the bounty of the Naschmarkt. Andrea then shared her kitchen with us and walked us through preparing the meal. We so enjoyed the lively conversation throughout the experience. Andrea is a wonderful hostess helping us celebrate our 30th anniversary. She made it seem as though we were having dinner with a long-time friend! We are so thankful for such a memorable experience in Vienna!
Nicole schrieb am 3. Mai 2017 um 11:20:
Had a wonderful schnitzel and strudel lesson with Andrea. Learned many new tricks and enjoyed Andrea's sense of humor. It was a real treat to get to know a local and share her cooking experiences. Nicole
Nicole schrieb am 1. Mai 2017 um 23:23:
What a lovely afternoon with Andrea learning to make the famous Wiener schnitzel and apple strudel. Cooking on Andreas kitchen and learning some tricks of the trade was not only inspirational but fun. Sure to return home and making these asap. Highly recommended!
Julene aus Reston, VA schrieb am 13. April 2017 um 17:12:
My husband I had the pleasure of spending a delightful afternoon with Andrea at the end of March. As cooking novices, we needed the basics and Andrea was happy to cater the class to our skill level. We started with a charming tour of the Naschmarket, where we met several interesting people and learned about their products and the history of the market. We purchased the items for our lesson at the market and Andrea was able to modify the menu to accommodate my food allergies. Next, we visited Andrea’s home for our session. We had a relaxing, informative and delicious afternoon as we learned the basics of Viennese cooking and discussed Viennese history and culture. We had to return to our hotel for a 4:00 appointment, otherwise, I feel as though we could stayed for hours. Andrea is so inviting and provides such a wonderful service. I am sure we will schedule another visit with Andrea on our next trip to Vienna. Thank you, Andrea, for a day we will never forget. Fondly, Julene & Randy
Linda schrieb am 2. März 2017 um 1:28:
My trip to Vienna was made especially memorable through cooking with Andrea - I'm SO glad I found her! Andrea is a very warm and hospitable host. She is generous in sharing her knowledge about her beautiful city, well-versed in various cuisines, a food gourmand who is able to introduce you to some genuinely awesome local artisanal products at Naschmarkt (pre-cooking excursion). In her charmingly eclectic home, we cooked a wonderful Austrian menu. I was particularly swooned by the exquisite Sweet Chestnut soup (something you might expect in an elegant restaurant). She made cooking the Wiener Schnitzel and preparing the Apple Strudel look so easy and they tasted really sumptuous too. I like the fact that Andrea is not afraid to tweak traditional recipes, making them taste even better. For me, her Apple Strudel beats those in the many Viennese kaffeehaus. I felt like I made a new personal friend after the cooking session. We connected over chats, discovered common interests - and I adore her dog too. Of course, I love the fact that I was able to bring Vienna home into my kitchen... and cook all those lovely recipes for my family.
Conny aus Luzern schrieb am 19. Februar 2017 um 19:40:
Habe mich kurzfristig entschlossen, alleine ein paar Tage im schönen Wien zu verbringen. Und dann bin ich auf Andrea aufmerksam geworden und habe spontan eine Tour gebucht! Eine der besten Entscheidungen... denn die Tour war sensationell. Mit Andrea durch den Naschmarkt spazieren ist wie mit Roger Federer durch Luzern zu laufen. Jeder kennt Sie, jeder weiss ihr guter Geschmack zu schätzen und so wurde ich mit Köstlichkeiten und Schätzen des Marktes verwöhnt. Bei Andrea zu Hause wurde dann gekocht, degustiert, über fremde Länder und schöne Momente des Lebens geschwärmt. Ein herrlich erfrischender und bereichernder Abend, welcher mit einer "to do Liste" für den nächsten Tag endete. Ein herzliches Dankeschön Dir Andrea - das war einfach herrlich! Conny
Emily schrieb am 9. Januar 2017 um 21:46:
My boyfriend and I visited Vienna during Christmas time and experienced a wonderful day of touring, cooking, and eating with Andrea. Andrea and her adorable dog picked us up at our hotel and took us to the Naschmarkt. She showed us all of the best stalls in the market and the vendors let us taste some of their foods (salami, sauerkraut, falafel, vinegar...everything was so delicious!). We really enjoyed Andrea's tour through the market, we even went back the next day to purchase the food that she recommended and tried a restaurant there that she recommended too. After the tour, we took the city bus back to Andrea's apartment and she pointed out all of the major sites of the city during this ride. We really appreciated getting a "bus tour" as it was a very cold December day. Back at Andrea's apartment we helped prepare a delicious meal (our favorite part was the sweet chestnut soup, very different from anything we had tasted before and very delicious!). My boyfriend and I are only novice cooks so Andrea did most of the cooking while we watched/learned and sipped wine. Then we sat down and enjoyed the meal together with Andrea. We chatted about our travels and she gave us great recommendations for the rest of our trip in Vienna and other cities we were visiting. We highly recommend Andrea's tour to anyone visiting Vienna!